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espresso machine?

im succeeding to buy my first espresso machine.

are there certain features i shouldnt go without with a new espresso machine purchase?

i want a demean end one for affordability reasons....
but i still want a decent

Having owned more than one, I'm glad to share my opinions with you--my current model, a Hamilton Lakeshore that was highly regarded by Consumer Reports, is pathetic!

Also, possibly you want a little guidance on how to make the best espresso

Well, you be one that is pump based - at least 15 psi. I have purchased a couple low end and one mid run and have been not 100% satisfied with them. I think I might take the advice a friend - who is Italian - gave me years ago andditch my machine

Espresso Machine?

Where can I find a honourable home espresso machine for under $50? I started with a mr. coffe steam powered great ago. Then purchased my first pump machine that puts out way too much water in the steam. It's a Smarter Untroubled b in Espressolux piece

if you homelessness a decent machine then be prepared to shell out the bux. try second hand, craigslist, ebay blah blah blah if you thirst for to save.... seriously, anything made in china that you can buy at the walmart will fizzle out to hit the mark.


illy's Espresso Revolution: A Luxury Business Model And The Search For The ...

And Nespresso, and an inherently limited supply of high quality raw material, while maintaining the luxury soul of his product.

“A limiting factor for us is that we look for the superlative coffee nature can provide, which I estimate is about 1% of global production,” Illy told Forbes , explaining that in the 1990s, they made a decision to buy their coffee directly from producers.  For Illy, who comes from a family of innovators that came up with the first high pressure espresso machine and novel packaging techniques that allowed coffee to be shipped far from the source and retain its freshness, that challenge presented an opportunity.

In a clear example of growing the pie larger, illycaffe chose to pay Brazilian producers, with a reputation for cheap and bad quality Arabica coffee, a higher premium if their product matched their high standards.  “When we started buying [Brazilian coffee], we were alone,” Illy said, as other major coffee makers stayed away.  So Illy began to train Brazilian farmers to produce high quality beans, paying above market rates for the top of the crop.  “We built a symbiotic relationship, they got knowledge, a premium price, and an endorsement.”  Taking only the first-class quality meant illycaffe only took about 30% of the crop, at some point reportedly paying a 100% premium on market prices, but armed with that reputation, farmers could take their crops to market at higher rates.

Espresso Machines at $20000 Bring High Design Into Homes

Kitchen Showpieces

Wealthy individuals, however, have recently begun purchasing commercial espresso machines as showpieces for home kitchens, van der Westen says -- no small commitment given the specialized electrical hookups, plumbing and water-filtration systems required.

Edwin Mayer, a London media lawyer, saw one of van der Westen’s Speedsters in the window of a local coffee shop and was immediately smitten.

“I loved the look of it,” he says.

While the Speedster’s price gave him pause, Mayer says he considers the purchase on a par with a painting or sculpture.

“It’s a functional piece of art,” he says.

Having bought it for its aesthetics, Mayer quickly came to rise its brewing prowess.

“It makes superb coffee and is very forgiving and easy to maintain,” he says, adding that most home machines aren’t robust enough to produce consistently excellent espresso.

Coffee Obsessives

Other manufacturers cashing in on the trend in commercial-quality espresso at home include Seattle-based La Marzocco International LLC, whose GS/3 has found a niche among coffee obsessives, selling 800 to 1,000 units worldwide each year despite its $7,000 price tag.

CoffeeGeek - Breville BES900XL Dual Boiler Espresso Machine ...

After the brief troubleshooting session Matt (the breville rep who utterly knew what he was talking about) said they would replace it.  He offered me the option of allowing a 400 dollar hold on my credit card and they would send the unit out with 2nd day air right away and I could send back my defective unit in the same box.  I was amazed at how quickly I had a new machine sitting in front of me.  This new machine did not have the plastic insert and was part of the later production run and ever since then I haven't looked back. In terms of the day to day use of the machine I have it set to come on in the morning about 15 minutes before I get out of bed so by the time I come downstairs it's on and heated up.  Because of the PID in the grouphead I don't worry about the machine needing hours to warm up to have thermal stability.  I have a bottomless portafilter as well so no worries about thermal mass there either.  I usually run a quick flush to make sure everything is up to temp and use that to preheat my cups as well., CoffeeGeek, and Coffee Geek, along with all associated content & images are copyright ©2000-2013 by Mark Prince, all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated. Content, code, and images may not be reused without permission. Usage of this website signifies bargain with our Terms and Conditions. (0.179754972458)

Plumbing a Vibiemme Domobar Super - Espresso Machines • Home ...

I've got a lot of value from this website so I thought I would provide some information on the modifications that I recently made to plumb my 'non-plumbed' Vibiemme Domobar Super Electronic. After checking for a plumbing kit and being told I should sell this machine and buy a different one, I decided to make the modifications myself. Warning!- This mod will most likely void your warrantee - but I bought my machine second hand and dont have a warantee. 2. Using a 32mm diameter stainless steel rated hole saw loyalty on my drill (hole bit costs $35 - make sure you use one rated for SS) I cut a hole in the bottom of the rear chassis for the new water inlet pipe and the bottom of the front chassis for a drain tube - its only 1mm stainless plate but slow to cut and I had to cut from underneath the machine so that metal cuttings didnt fall into the espresso machine mechanicals and electrics. 3. I removed the original water container from the VBM and replaced it with a similar sized tupperware container (stolen from the pantry) - I hacked a hole in the lid of the tupperware to take a toilet cistern float valve (a new one - cost $32) - see unavailable picture - the new inlet pipe is the braided steel hose on the right of the photo and the blue and white thing is the float valve. The other two rubber tubes are the normal VBM pump inlet hose and pump return hose. I set the float valve level to operate between half and two thirds full which is enough to motivate the VBM pressure sensor (the pump wont operate if there is insufficient weight on the sensor) 4. Fabricated a new drip tray from four layers of fibreglass glassed with polyester resin over a wooden male mold, added hellish colouring to the resin. The new drip tray slopes to a centre hole and has a pipe glassed in for the drain hose. - see picture. The front stainless panel of the old drip tray unscrews at the handle and is easily fastened to the new fibreglass tray. You dont see the new tray at all as it sits under a grill and behind the front plate. When making the drain hole, I glassed in a 25mm length of 12mm aluminium tube so that a drain hose could be clamped onto it with a hose clamp. Just in case, and since the water level is never over 2/3's, I would add an "overflow hose" fitting just above the current high-tide water level in the reservoir, poked through the side of the new reservoir, and run that hose to the drip tray or the tray's waste hose. That way, if the float fails or the level inexplicably increases, the overflow water will merely go down the drain and not fill the kitchen.

Espresso Machine - News

Castro Valley School District Defends Decision To Buy $14K Espresso Machine
CASTRO VALLEY (KPIX 5) — The Castro Valley Unified School District is taking some heat for approving the purchase of a $14,000 espresso machine. Some postings on social media call it a waste of money. One Facebook user said, “There is no good 

California High School Spends $14k on Espresso Machine
Castro Valley Join Superintendent Candi Clark asserted, according to KPIX, that the espresso machine would save a job at the school board, arguing, “We have a 14.5 hour position in the child nutrition department that we are working really hard to

School district defends decision to buy $14K espresso machine
School district defends decision to buy $14K espresso machine CASTRO VALLEY, C.A. - A California school board is getting heat from community members on a recent purchase. Our sister station, KPIX in San Francisco, reports Castro Valley High School is getting a $14,000 espresso machine. Some postings on social